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Electric Man

electricThe Electric Man is an addictive digital action game where a player is tasked with the quest to become a champion. It is a fast and furious game that literally makes the player be hooked to the game right from the start. The game players battle it out against several groups of enemies until the point where they fight it out with the current reigning champion that is yet to beaten. The aim is for whoever wants to be the champion must have whatever it takes to over throw the reigning champion. For a player to succeed, he or she must guide their stickman through every round by employing martial arts, superhuman powers as well as street fighting skills, to defeat and exterminate their opponents. Indeed Electric Man is not the typical average fighting game as the Electric Man has astounding capabilities that include bullet time special moves together with slow motion. The game belongs to one of the great flash games that one will definitely enjoy playing as a contestant. Moreover, the music and the general representation in the game are very incredible in its format of techno music and smooth lines making the game to be paradise for conflict lovers. Indeed, the game has very powerful impacts in both its visual appeal and sounds that will make its players appreciate the game to a greater extent. These features are what have made the game be a very popular fighting game for now and the game also has several series from electric man 1, 2 and 3. This makes players be eager to play electric man 3 part from the original game. These series have made the game to have a lot more of action going on with diverse moves that players can engage in hence, a continuation of the genre in the games series with better-improved graphics.

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